Step 2



Dates: Nov 2 – June 30, 2020


Accepted students complete the Online Registration (OLR) process using the link provided in the Acceptance Email. This is a private link, please do not share it.


In order to be enrolled an OLR MUST be completed by ALL incoming students, as well as providing the following documents:


  • Immunization Records or Immunization Exemption Forms
  • Birth Certificate 
  • Transcript required for incoming 9th graders (MUST include most current grades)
  • Report Card required for incoming 6th - 8th graders ONLY (MUST include most current grades)
  • Homeschool Transcript (Must use CEC Form)
  • If applicable: 504/IEP/Read Plan/ELL test scores/GT/ALP
  • Attendance and Discipline Records


An opportunity to upload these documents is included in the OLR process.


Please do not submit photographs of documents, as this will delay your enrollment. 



High School (9th grade ONLY) MUST complete steps 3 & 4

 Middle School Enrollment (6th - 8th grades) Ends After Step 2



Step 3 - (9th grade ONLY)

Community Colleges Online Applications


Step 4 - (9th grade ONLY) 

Submittal of FRCC and Aims Student Numbers


For Troubleshooting Tips CLICK HERE