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Mission Statement

Each student, regardless of background or skill level, will have the opportunity to pursue a growth mindset that will allow them to achieve mastery and to demonstrate they can succeed in school, in college, and in their chosen career.
No exceptions. No excuses.



Colorado Early Colleges Guiding Qualities


Colorado Early Colleges honors and recognizes the following five guiding qualities that define who we are as a school, and who we challenge our students and staff to be:


Character: Someone with good character believes they should make good choices and shows over time that they almost always make choices that are honest, respectful, fair, caring, and responsible.

Gratitude: A person of gratitude shows an appreciation and gratefulness in numerous kind ways toward others.

Scholarship: A person who is driven in the area of excellence to learn as well as do whatever it takes to do their best in the area of academics.

Leadership: A person of positive influence in the lives of others. They have a vision of what can be. They know the way, show the way and they go the way.

Service to others means being unselfish, it means doing something for someone else without expecting any reward or gain.