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We are no longer processing applications for bus students. You will need to get a pass from your student's school. The receive a pass, you must provide the route and stop you wish to use. Your student will be assigned a pass from the school.


For questions, please contact Transportation at 


Mrs. Solberg 

(719) 308-2044 office

(719) 492-8478 cell




Dear CEC Families,

The following information is for SafeStop and is NOT an application for receiving transportation. 

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Colorado Early Colleges has partnered with SafeStop to provide parents and guardians with notifications regarding projected bus arrival times, potential delays or other important notifications. SafeStop's multi-platform application can also notify parents and guardians each time a student scans on or off the bus. In the event of a service interruption, bus breakdown or poor road conditions, the transportation team can send a push notification about the delay through the SafeStop app. There is no charge to use the SafeStop app. Please download your app for the best up to date communication from Transportation!
  1. Steps to begin using the SafeStop app.
  2. Register with SafeStop. Have your CEC's code number ready. (This is emailed to families by the transportation department)
  3. Download the SafeStop app in the official Apple or Android app stores.
  4. Download the SafeStop user guide to help get you started.
  5. To add students in the app; Go to Settings, Manage Account, Choose your Jurisdiction, then choose manage student scanning. From here the parent will just add their students name and the card number on their ZPASS as the scan code.

SafeStop has useful frequently asked questions and provides robust customer service. Please use these resources for questions about registration, use of the product and other technical issues.
For questions regarding CEC Transportation, please contact:
Transportation Supervisor
Mrs. Solberg 
(719) 308-2044 office
(719) 492-8478 cell
Transportation Director
Ms. Michelle Sears-Ward
(719) 559-0903 office