Everest Point Academy Textbooks

If you RENTED textbooks or PURCHASED access codes, click here for the Textbook Rental Reimbursement form
Students taking off-campus courses will be responsible for renting and/or purchasing their textbooks and submitting for reimbursement.  
It is expected students shall return textbooks to the school in good condition except for ordinary wear. Students shall be assessed fines for lost, damaged, or defaced books (including those checked out from any CEC classroom, library, or Bookstore), and/or any materials or equipment. The fines will be for the amount of the loss.

In computing a fine, 20 percent of the original cost of a book will be deducted for each year it has been used. The minimum replacement fee is 20 percent of the original cost of the textbook. The Head of School, or designee, may waive the fee if the student provides a replacement book approved by the Head of School, or designee.
The Head of School, or designee, may obtain payment of delinquent fees, fines, or charges through use of professional collection agencies or institution of civil proceedings as he/she deems appropriate. Indigent students, as determined in accordance with state guidelines, shall not be required to pay a textbook rental fee or damage deposit. A student shall not be refused use of textbooks based on failure to pay the required fees. (See CEC Policy JQ-G and CEC 2017-2018 Schedule of Charges)
Additional Information for College Course Textbooks:

CEC will ONLY reimburse the costs for REQUIRED college course textbooks. Textbooks must be rented. If a textbook is not available for rent, prior authorization from Candice Rosenbach, EPA Concurrent Enrollment Coordinator to purchase the book MUST BE RECEIVED to purchase it, or it will not be reimbursable. Textbooks purchased at the college bookstore must also have prior approval from Candice Rosenbach.